6th grade Charm Class

This semester, our 6th graders are divided into gender-specific classes, known as Charm class for our girls, and Man-in-Demand for our boys. This is a long-standing tradition at our school that serves as a "rite of passage" for our graduating 6th graders. Our hope is that these classes will provide them with a firm foundation in Christ, as well as discuss practical topics they will face in the upcoming years.
Our girls are learning what it means to be a Godly woman in today'sworld. Some of the topics covered are inner beauty, healthy lifestyle choices, and friendships. Recently they enjoyed getting facials during their skincare field trip!
The boys are learning about the character of a Godly man, covering topics such as friendships, relationships with girls, the importance of church, and making wise choices. 
Both guys and girls will also learn about table etiquette before their end-of-the-year luncheon later in May.