Jr. K SOARS with fun!

What a fun day Jr. K had! They were so excited to go on a field trip to the Clarksdale Airport to see a crop-duster! They have loved learning about the different land and air transportations. Thank you Skip Meredith for taking time to show our kids your plane and getting them all their very own plane to take home! They had so much fun!!

3rd nine weeks honors

CHARM classes at PDS

This semester, our sixth graders are divided into gender-specific classes, known as Charm class for our girls, and Man-in-Demand class for our boys. This is a long standing tradition at our school that serves as a "rite of passage" for our graduating 6th graders. Our hope is that these classes will provide them with a firm foundation in Christ, as well as discuss practical topics they will face in the upcoming years.

The girls learn what it means to be a Godly woman in today's world. Some of the topics covered are inner beauty, healthy lifestyle choices, and relationships. The highlight of the class is getting to have facials during their skincare field trip! The boys learn about the character of a Godly man, covering topics such as friendships, relationships with girls, the importance of church, and making wise choices. They also learn practical hygiene tips, highlighted by a messy practice session shaving a cream-covered balloon!  

We are so thankful to Leslie Dean for leading the girls, and Ryan Dean and Chris Cauthen for leading the boys.

1st and 2nd grade visit CARES

1st and 2nd grade were honored to participate in Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s educational outreach team-Animals in Focus. We heard from MS State veterinarian, Dr. Kimberly Woodruff; animal health technician, Christina Loftin; and 2 MSU vet students. We learned important steps in approaching and petting animals. We learned about different bones in an animals body, what to feed animals, and what not to feed animals. We loved touring the CARES facility and seeing all the animals up for adoption. CARES is such a blessing to this community. If you haven't seen their new facility, you definitely should make a trip. Thank you CARES for including us in this "pawesome" activity!!!

"Ham It Up" Awards


Congratulations to our 6th grade "Ham it Up!" Award winners!! These students were part of our cast in our Christmas musical, "Sleep in Heavenly Peace". The winners are...
Best Overall Boy- Tanner Fava
Best Overall Girl- Anderson Flowers
Most Dramatic Boy-Brad Jennings
Most Dramatic Girl- Emily Grace Smith
Most Improved- Parker Mazelin
Best "Characterization"- Anna Sims Wills
Congrats to all our 6th graders on a job well done in this years Christmas Program!!

5th and 6th grade handbells visit Clarksdale Baptist

5th and 6th grade performed hand bells for the Clarksdale Baptist Church Primetime. We are so appreciative to Clarksdale Baptist for letting us use their hand bells for the year!!  

3rd grade Olympics unit

PDS 3rd graders have been studying all about the Olympics the last few weeks. They studied PyeongChang, learning more about the culture and country of South Korea. They also learned more about all the countries competing in the Olympics and kept a medal count in their classroom. The students had to total the number of medals each country earned for the day and keep track of the first, second, and third place winners! Such a fun activity! Mrs. Ferracci and Mrs. Murphy make learning fun!!


5th and 6th grade prepare for Washington


Our 5th and 6th grade are preparing to leave for Washington, D.C. next week!!! They will visit Mount Vernon, Williamsburg, and Yorktown. In D.C. they will visit the Capital building and the National Cathedral, as well as many of the Memorials. They will experience the Changing of the Guards ceremony, enjoy the many Smithsonians, and visit Fort McHenry. We are so proud our students get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about our great country!! Please join us in praying for their safety while traveling and exploring