PDS Presidential Election

PDS students are good citizens!

Our students learned about how to become president and about the voting process.   Our fifth and sixth grade classes started their own political parties and came up with a platform for their party.  The students in these classes had the opportunity to run in the primary which was held on Monday.  They campaigned by making posters and speeches in front of the other PDS students.  The winners of the primary were: fifth graders Warner Lively- presidentand Olivia Smith- vice president,  sixth graders Rylan Ferracci- president and Elaine Weiss- vice president.  These students hit the campaign trail again trying to convince their peers they would make the best president.  Today, the students were excited to come to the PDS poll and cast their vote.  The secretaries from each party counted the votes and the results were:  The God's Children candidates, Rylan Ferracci and Elaine Weiss, were the winners.  We had so much fun while learning the importance of voting!