PDS has nurtured and poured the love of Christ in my children from their first visit. I cannot recall a day in five years that my son has not wanted to go to school, that speaks volumes to the warmth of the environment and the level of engagement he is challenged with. The teachers and administration are willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of each student!
— Yolanda Morton, Parent
“When our son started at PDS he was in a shell and unable to express all of his potential. The PDS teachers never gave up on him, always encouraged him, and focused on his postive characteristics. He blossomed and is thriving. We are beyond blessed and thankful that God led us to PDS!”
— Mary Amelia Humber, Parent
We are thankful for the education and nurture our grandchildren are receiving at PDS. We have observed the love of Christ expressed by the staff and teachers in every aspect of their time there. We believe they are getting a great education with a Christian foundation. We believe PDS is equipping them to be followers of Christ Jesus in whatever they decide to do in their lives.
— Patty & Freddy Rayner, Grandparents
PDS has impacted my life in several ways. As an alumni, I love seeing some of the same traditions that meant so much to me. The teachers at PDS played a huge part in molding me. I am thankful the same values are still being instilled in the children there today. When you combine a sense of personal destiny with academic excellence, you have provided an atmosphere for children to flourish spiritually, intellectually, and physically. I am thankful to be able to work there and send my boys to the same loving environment I had at their age. PDS is more than a school, it is family.
— Dana Gaston, Alumni - Employee - Parent